First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


This is my first blog post on WordPress. I’m a wounded warrior who spent 33 years serving my country in a special operations capacity and after 3 decades they finally got me. My wife has to help take care of me and I find it hard after all that training those combat ops! I was in the 75th INF before it became the 75th Ranger Regiment so long ago. Enlisted in ’81 saw my first combat in Grenada in ’83 at 19 years old and I’ve served in many units, Regiments, Detachments, Groups under many commands over the years. I served in every major and minor engagement in the past 3 decades. I’ve now had 12 Surgeries and looking forward to another one. Great private surgeon this time said he might even get me back to work in a year or 2. Though who knows what I’ll do; I only know how to do one thing: fight, shoot, gather intelligence, etc. I’m just an old soldier who crazily misses doing what I know how to do in foreign countries. I’m a counter-Terrorist. I served and led tier one teams to do the tough jobs. A unit’s motto I was in was “Send Me”. Anyway a quick intro. I want to write but not an auto biography, I want to write Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels not modern day war novels. I think after you do it for real there is no reason to write about it or novelized it. I did love a friend of mines novels though. We served together some of the time. His pen name was Dalton Fury. He passed away recently from pancreatic cancer. To die like that after all he did. He was my CO on some things in ’02. Miss ya brother, St. Michael took another brother home. I’m just tired of friends dying. My next post will much more upbeat because I’m generally a funny guy so people tell me. I’m out for now.


Another Monday

I really don’t want to turn this into a day to day journal I have the VA for that though I refuse to go even though they press me I’m retired now and I retired for time off service, I refused a medical discharge, I get the benefits anyway; I also don’t want to talk about my military career that’s over however unfortunate. I can’t work, hell I can barely walk more than 20 feet but we’ll were what this 6 month PT does then hopefully the surgery to put my spine back together with the artificial discs.

I want to talk about pain, at least today. It’s bad as usual when I wake up, so confusing now. After being conditioned for 3 decades to deal with pain and make it my friend! Civilians may find that crazy but it works, not now though when everything is quiet; at a stand still. I hate it as well as those internal pain medicines. The highest dose of something called Fentanyl, which I get both from a constant pump in my stomach that has a catheter going to my spine from that device, I.e., it goes directly to the brain through the CSF after it binds with the pain receptors. I also take it orally for breakthrough pain that the pump doesn’t handle. 1600 mcg of that Fentanyl in a lollipop ( they do taste good just like candy). Good, am I becoming a drug addict? I have run out before and faced that horrific withdrawal. Never again! I’m going to put this post up for now and get back to my book, what a life I now lead, but I blame no one, I chose this path and I would do it again even if I knew this would come about one day, I did do some good, then I did do some awful things too. When you get orders from politicians you may be doing the devil’s work I never did figure it out. Have a good day everybody… Rob